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Looking for that extra spark at your next event? Try something different. Book motivational speaker, author and award winning poet, Jamillah Warner to inspire your audience with creative and practical lessons using spoken word; storytelling; raw & honest experiences

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“You really need to go see this woman…with her style and the message it’s like a bomb goes off. It’s hot. She makes me want to own my personal identity cause that’s how I’ll be my best.”

— Keesha Hooks, KVP Images —

ABOUT Jamillah Warner

aka "Lady J"

“Professional, epic, powerful….I like the way she tells her story. She’s transparent and authentic. It inspires you to overcome the challenges in your life."

— Darryl Ogletree, Reborn —

Unapologetic, Jamillah speaks to a strength she believes is in each of us — "even if you haven't discovered it yet." Using stories, spoken word, music, short films Warner delivers a relentless "wake up" call to the "brave you" because your future depends on it.


As seen and heard on the popular Atlanta radio station V-103 and Uptown Comedy Club, she’s as an award winning poet; Atlanta Def Poet; domestic violence survivor; dynamic teacher, trainer and speaker; as well as the author of the Spoken Word Soundtrack for Survival (volume one in the Hot Prayers Flow Like Fire Series).

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“It’s almost like she’s putting a melody together. Jamillah draws you in…makes you want to listen…very inspirational”

— Charli Sims —

The Most Requested TOPICS

Spoken Word pieces and lesson points (as well as story, music and/or film) will be adjusted as needed in order to serve the setting, the audience and your event theme.


— Mirror Talk —

It's time for some Mirror Talk, because it's not the stuff that makes the girl, it's the girl that makes the stuff — and that mirror only becomes special because you're looking in it. #JustSaying

In this engaging keynote Lady J shares personal stories as well as her latest spoken word crowd favorites (like "not the stuff", "f-you" & "the gig is up"). Plus, time permitting, she addresses three core areas that you have to deal with in order to protect your true beauty. Women spend too much time judging our own beauty and letting “others” do it for us. This motivational message empowers women and girls to see what really makes us flawless.

  • LENGTH: 20-60 min
  • THEMES: Empowerment, Motivational, Inspirational, Women’s Issues


— Love Talk —

Life is more interesting when you have real love in it & know what to do with it. Let's talk about that boss love, good love, fake love, & that one relationship that you can never get away from, self love

Using a story to highlight the power of real love, Lady J's keynote, engages audiences with music, short films (when equipment is available) and her spoken word crowd favorites (including "love like a boss" and "good lovin"). Love drives us, sometimes over a cliff, but when you know how to recover, protect and prepare for the real thing, the game changes. 

  • LENGTH: 20-60 min
  • THEMES: Empowerment, Motivational, Inspirational, Women’s Issues


— Survivor Talk —

This keynote is hope and pain woven into story and spoken word. And if you choose to put on your big girl boots, take up your sword and fight your way back from a broken-hearted hell, then this is your soundtrack. Inspiring. Creative.

In this creative keynote event Lady J shares short films, personal stories and the latest spoken word crowd favorites like Street Lights, Lil’Bit and The Gig Is Up!


This motivational message empowers women to wake up and break free from dream killing lifestyles. It creatively highlights 5 steps to help move you toward a personal breakthrough, and it challenges the main piece of advice women mistakenly give each other and the problem that it’s creating for us.

  • LENGTH: 45-60 min
  • THEMES: Empowerment, Motivational, Inspirational, Women’s Issues, Domestic Violence


— Hot Talk —

"More than 13 years in management taught me that Effective Communication is a fundamental leadership skill — a gatekeeper ability to a better career & relationship. Ultimately, your life boils down to how well you manage your mouth & your message"

The need for effective communication isn't going away. With more than 7 billion people on the planet, the ability to get your core message across in any setting to any audience is key to success in your personal and professional life.  In fact, the more skill you have in this area, the closer you get to the life you want. HOT TALK is a leadership keynote or workshop that addresses the seven core areas of effective communication. Warner focuses this keynote, training or workshop on the communication area that best serves your core theme. 

  • LENGTH: 30-90 min
  • THEMES: Leadership, Empowerment, Motivational, Soft Skills Training

inspire your audience

“Jamillah is so powerful with her words, so driven that it’s addictive. She will inspire you to be the best version of you.”

—Racquel Jones —


Want to hear a little more about Jamillah Warner? Here's what people say...

“Each sentence has a nugget of truth in it….She just has a wealth of information. Jamillah is a born communicator. It’s natural.

— Kelle Boyd | Ann Kelle Designs —

"Not only a message — but a movement

— Sonya Alaine, Singer Songwriter 

“Jamillah is the kind of the speaker that gets up there and delivers it from the heart. She knows what she’s talking about.

— Mrs. Boyd | Educator —

"Like Maya Angelou, it's professional, epic, powerful 

— Darryl Ogletree, Mission ReBorn — 

entertain your audience

“...inspiring writer, extraordinary speaker. Jamillah possesses the confidence and the passion to reach out and touch her audience.

— Genneda Burns —

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Want to hear a little more about Jamillah Warner? Here's what people say...


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