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Jamillah Warner | SPEAKER | communication coach, keynote, trainer

“Jamillah is the kind of the speaker that gets up there and delivers it from the heart. She knows what she’s talking about.” — Mrs. Boyd | Educator


My signature topics and presentations include:

  • Dynamic Communication Series for Business and Corporate Training
  • Gritty Writers Guide, a Series on Business and Marketing for Writers
  • Simply Business, a Communication Strategy for Women in Business
  • She Do, She Do – Biblical and Business Solutions for Women with a Dream

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If both parties decide to move forward, then the process includes:

  1. contract signing and verification,
  2. an initial questionnaire which allows the event coordinator to clarify their needs, and allows me to get familiar with the audience, followed by
  3. a telephone or live interview prior to the event.

My bio is posted below with more information on the about page.

To book for your conference or corporate training call (404) 419-6819.

“When she’s speaking it’s almost like she’s putting a melody together. It draws you in and makes you want to listen and learn. She’s very inspirational.” — Charli Sims | Administrator


Feel free to review the list and see if there is something that can benefit your program. But keep in mind, every presentation is customized according to available time, event goals and audience needs. The process, explained above, gives us a chance to get clear about the event, the audience, your needs and to create a message or training program that makes a difference to your event.

The Gritty Writer’s Guide

  • The Gritty Writer’s Guide to Small Business,
  • The Gritty Writer’s Guide to Website Marketing

The Dynamic Communication Series – for Business and Corporate Training

  • Dynamic Communication 101 – Leadership From the Bottom Up: for direct care staff,
  • Dynamic Communication 201 – Leadership From the Middle: for managers,
  • Dynamic Communication 301 – Leadership from the Top Down: for top level executives and owners

The Simply Business Classes – A Communication Strategy for Women in Business

It addresses the 6 core questions that every owner must ask and solutions to answer them in a style that  protects your message, builds teams and improves your bottom line. A one hour training can provide an overview of all six questions or focus on one key area with an opportunity to cover more details in that one subject.

The She Can, She Do Presentation – Biblical and Business Solutions for Women with a Dream

Every woman has a dream and sometimes we are slow to recognize the business behind that desire. This presentation uses scripture to remind women that they can live their dreams (She Can) and to encourage them to take action (She Do).


Eighteen years speaking experience in businesses, schools, colleges and churches including Auto Trader, Vanderbilt University, Belmont University and The Phenomenal Woman Conference.

11 years management in non-profit, focused on urban issues, social programming, community involvement.

Graduated from Vanderbilt University with a BA in Public Policy and Urban Issues.
To book for your conference or corporate training – call: (404) 419-6819, email: contactMsJ@mswarner.com