[Smart Resources] Because time is money

Sometimes, the hardest part is knowing what to do. But once you figure that out, then you have to know how to do it and who can help.


Below are  quick descriptions of some of the tools and teams that I use (will add more periodically).


Email Capture (Instant Customer)

building your email list with Instant Customer

Email Capture systemIf you intend to build your email list, then you need a way to capture those email addresses, a way to create email campaigns that add value to your readers so that they stay on your list, and a series of templates and training videos to help get you started. There are tons of companies out there that you can you use for email marketing, but Instant Customer is my favorite and their customer service responds pretty quick.


You can start with a free or $1 trial for 3 weeks to see if you like it.


Website Traffic and Distribution (Traffic Geyser)

getting attention for your website and your business

Get attention for your business and your websiteIf nobody cares about your website, then you have to give them a reason to pay attention. Traffic Geyser will help you distribute your videos (and articles) around the web. But my favorite parts are the [Express Lane] training that all new subscribers receive via emails and videos that you can access after you login; plus their customer service team responds pretty quick. Traffic Geyser is worth a test drive for the training alone.


You can start with a free or $1 trial for 3 weeks to see if you like it.



you know what they say about time...

This post contains affiliate links. 

On this website I sometimes refer, review and mention resources that I use and/or trust, and because of that I am an affiliate with some of them.


I can only vouch for my experience with each, but I’m sharing the information because I spend a lot of time researching, purchasing and then changing tools until I find the right one for me and/or my clients.


Maybe this resource list can save you some time.


And you know what they say about time