Pay Attention: Listen To What Your People Are Really Telling You. It Could Save You

Below you’ll find articles at about what happens when we Pay Attention. You’ll also discover some links to other relevant articles by me around the web including:

  1. Let’s Make It New Again: Small Business and Innovation. You’d be surprised by some of simple things that we can do to move our businesses forward.  Pay attention to the details that feed your creativity, it could change your life.
  2. Show Me The Money: What Timing and Integrity Can Do for Business takes a look at the different level of commitment it takes to establish a business with character in it. Pay attention to the standards and it could save you a headache or two.
  3. Getting Back to Simpler Things in Business: Innovate and Niche. At the heart of innovation is the ability to truly pay attention to what’s happening around you.

It takes time to listen. But without it, there is no strategy. There is no innovation. Slowing down to really see the people, the needs and the desires around you can change your business, save you time in the long run and make you money. Solving the problem that others ignore can move you forward in your industry in unexpected ways.

Some of us in business are looking for the next big thing. Others just want to survive. Your ability to pay attention could meet both of those desires (and then some).  Any successful small business solves a problem for somebody.  And it begins by noticing the needs and wants around you. Pay attention to your people and it will teach you how to talk to them. At the core, marketing is a conversation.  The better we listen, then the more we understand, and the better we communicate.

If we learn to pay attention on purpose, then we can remove some of the guesswork out of our small business and provide the solutions that our clients actually want.  There are no guaranteed outcomes or magic pill for small businesses, but there are some principles that can move you forward. The ability to pay attention is one of them.
-Jamillah Warner (Ms. J)-