Marketing and Communication: Reaching the Right People at the Right Time in the Right Way

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At the core marketing gets your message out to the people that care about it the most, because they’re the ones that’ll actually do business with you. Your marketing and communication goals aren’t so much about popularity as it is about effectiveness. If nobody knows your name except your people (your target audience and their relevant friends), then you’re in business. Effectively marketing to your key people is the small business owners best use of money.

It’s not about getting everybody’s attention. It’s about getting the attention of the ones who would potentially care the most.  The strategy comes in finding, understand and talking their language. Hopefully, it’s your language too, so that it’s natural.

Marketing and communication gets the word out about what you can do for others.  They have to know about it in order to care about it.
-Jamillah Warner (Ms. J)-