Communication Barriers: How Automatic Differences Create Automatic Problems

Below you’ll find articles about Communication Barriers as well as some links to other relevant articles by me around the web including:

  1. Does Your Small Business Have A System? Because at the core, it’s the system that communicates your company’s standards. Without a clearly defined way of doing things, then confusion is inevitable. And at the heart of communication barriers is a lack of understanding. The systems helps you get clear.
  2. Technology Downtime: The Impact on Your Small Business which discusses what happens when the technology behind your business breaks down.  Sometimes communication barriers emerge because something is not working, and it blocks your access to clients and employees.  Broken technology is as a simple a damaged phone line and a customer who feels like they are being ignored. Inoperative technology requires a backup plan because it can create a serious communication breakdown for small businesses.
  3. Is Your Mobile Device Good For Business, But Bad For The Family? The cell phone keeps you connected and could be seen as a solution to communication barriers. But is it? And what is the impact on your home life?

It’s all about the experience. We don’t want to just coast through life, we want to taste it. We don’t want our kids, our friends, our mates to just pass by us and move around us, we want to know them. I mean, I don’t want to just go to the Paris airport to say I have been.  I want to move through the city and experience it.  I want to know the streets, know the food and know the feeling of a place.

Life is about experiences.  We all have them and the diversity is beautiful.  But it’s these changing outlooks on life that sometimes create the most common communication barriers.

Think about it.  If you were to gather a group of men in one room, despite all the potential differences among them there is a gender experience. And because of that there are certain things that they don’t have to explain to each other.

But this isn’t the only experience that creates unique stories, as well as communication barriers. What about the cultural, economic and national experience? And don’t forget the age, professional and interpersonal experiences? By interpersonal I mean all the unique situations that you have gone through and dealt with from the inside out. I’m talking about the things that have made you a little crazy, a whole lot beautiful and gutsy enough to go after a small business.

These experiences can create automatic communication barriers, if we don’t work to understand each other. Why does it matter to business? Because in the long term, as small business owner we have to be passionate about what we do and we can only successfully market and work with the communities that we respect and understand. The better we understand and communicate our message, then the better we connect.

-Jamillah Warner (Ms. J)-