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Do you get to the heart of your message? Do you say what you need to say in a way that connects with and inspires your team?

Does your language and delivery draw or repel your audience — because very few things just stand still? Are you effective when you communicate?

It takes effort.

Whether you’re managing a team, marketing yourself to potential clients or self motivating; as communicators — writers, artists, managers, business owners — you have to OWN your message.

You have to understand your message and audience so clearly that you can deliver the point that matters the most in a way that makes it stick, regardless of the circumstances, i.e. hostile environments, overwhelm and understaffing, large crowds and overcrowded markets.

You’re gritty if you get it: it’s your job to connect — no matter what.

Are you clear enough?

Is your message relevant enough to get attention? Is it delivered strong enough to keep that attention?

Do you know:

  1. who you’re talking to?
  2. what you want and need to say?
  3. why it matters (to yourself AND to your audience)?

Gritty writing is about getting to the core of your message.

Whether you’re writing the first word of a new blog or have 250,000 people hanging on every word you say out your mouth — it’s always about a clear message and strong delivery.

Every story we tell, every meeting we hold, every marketing message we put out, every article we write has to be clear — and it has to be relevant. And if it doesn’t get the job done, then we’re responsible.

Gritty writing is about doing the work to get the right message to the right people.

The storyteller carries the weight…

…of connecting.

If the audience doesn’t get it, it’s the storyteller’s job to fix it — to improve the delivery. That’s the work.

Whether you

  • write your words on the page,
  • speak them to your team or audience,
  • model them in your actions,

it’s all communication — it all carries a message.

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At the end of a day it’s your message and you can handle it how you want to handle it. But gritty writing is good for business. 

Thanks for dropping by and hopefully I’ll see you inside.
— Ms. J —
a gritty little writer

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