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My name is Ms. J and I’m a professional writer. You may have seen some of my work in digital and print magazines such as SmallBizTrends.com or Phenomenal Woman Magazine.

home jwI’m a Vanderbilt graduate with over 16 years experience in crafting the kind of phrases that change lives and the course of businesses. Whether addressing a Fortune 500 company, 1000s of small business owners or an audience at a local comedy club for a poetry break, I understand that the right phrase can change everything including your bottom line.

Born in the South, raised traveling the US, I write for business and pleasure, love the country and the city, and adore the way travel gets into you. Writing is how I think; it’s how I recreate my future; it’s how I connect.

“Jamillah is the kind of the speaker that gets up there and delivers it from the heart. She knows what she’s talking about.” — Mrs. Boyd | Educator


POET: Spoken Word @ Hot Prayers
home jw.hot

Sometimes you just need an injection of hope, a reminder of love, to have a little more fun, a second chance at the dream. Sometimes you just need a push.

HOT Prayers is that push.

It’s spoken word & inspiration set on fire. It’s a burning conversation and passionate message. It’s a heart condition shared on purpose. It’s how Ms.J handles spoken word.

AS Seen And Heard

On V-103, Uptown Comedy Club and Urban Grind. To dive into Hot Prayers LIVE Experience plus the VIDEO and AUDIO downloads that are coming soon, visit HotPrayers.com!

“When she’s speaking it’s almost like she’s putting a melody together. It draws you in and makes you want to listen and learn. She’s very inspirational.” — Charli Sims | Administrator


BUSINESS: Marketing Message @ Gritty Writer

home jw.gritIt’s not personal, but visitors don’t care about you or your stuff. And to be effective you have to learn early on that your business is not about you. Not in the way you might think.

TO Sell More “Stuff”

Your audience needs something from you. It doesn’t matter how great you are and how much you can help. Without a core marketing message and clear delivery your audience will never know what you can do for them.

AS Seen And Heard

On Small Business Trends, Better Business Bureau Trust Brief and Business Insider. Ready to do more with your marketing message? Ready to upgrade your communication strategy? If the answer is yes, then check out Ms.J’s resources at GrittyWriter.com.

“Each sentence has a nugget of truth in it….She just has a wealth of information. Jamillah is a born commmunicator. It’s natural.” — Kelle Boyd | Ann Kelle Designs


INSPIRATION: Dream Big @ she CAN she DO

home jw.sheYou can fantasize about your dream life, watch movies about it, and get with your girlfriends to complain about the life you have. Or you can do something smart and strong.

Go Get The Life You Want

Dreams don’t launch themselves. Tenacious women do. She CAN She DO is about having the guts to dream big and the faith to see it though. It’s an understanding that no matter the challenge, you have what you need to succeed.

AS Seen And Heard

at Faith by Hearing Christian Center Church and the Phenomenal Woman Conference. If you’re ready to do more with your dream, then get inspired at sheCANsheDO.com. Dive into the life you really want with big faith for big dreams.

“She’s an…inspiring writer, extraordinary speaker. Ms. J possesses the confidence and the passion to reach out and touch her audience.” — Lady Gee